Re: Hide/show field codes in a word template


"Stefan Blom" wrote:

Press Alt+F9 to show/hide field all codes. To show/hide the field codes for
fields in the selection, you can use Shift+F9.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"LeLe" <LeLe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am struggling to adapt my years of using MS word 2003 (and before) to the
current 2007. I want to include fill-in field codes which will prompt the
use to enter specific info when when they open a new document based on my

I have found the Quick Part under the text section and used it to add
fields. However, once the field and it's prompt have been inserted, I want
view and possibly change the prompt or formating switch. THis I can't
to figure out. How do I unhide the field code in my template?