Re: Create a new line after every sentence

I am not so sure about this.

The OP originally writes:

"Currently I have 4 or 5 pages of sentences that are not on a single line per
sentence as well there are carriage returns throughout."

Yet also writes:

"Notice how every sentence is set on a new line there are no carriage returns
within each sentence."

On one hand there are carriage returns throughout, on the other there are no
carriage returns.

From looking at the example text, it sure seems to me that the "lines" are
not terminated by a ^p (paragraph mark), but by a ^l (manual line break)

Further, regarding one v.s. two spaces between sentences, this can easily be
handled by using Sentences itself.

I agree that using Find & Replace is likely faster, but here is a possible

Sub Sentence2Paragraph()
Dim j As Long
' replace all manual line breaks with nothing
ActiveDocument.Content = _
Replace(ActiveDocument.Content, Chr(11), "")

' add a paragraph mark to each sentence, thus
' making it a paragraph
For j = 1 To ActiveDocument.Sentences.Count - 1
ActiveDocument.Sentences(j).Text = _
ActiveDocument.Sentences(j).Text & vbCrLf
End Sub

This deals with Sentences, so it does not matter if there is one, or two, or
five spaces between them.
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