RE: Open a Folder Using VBA


There are probably a multitude of ways to accomplish what you want, but one
of the easiest is something like this:

Sub OpenFolder()
ChangeFileOpenDirectory "z:\word\"
End Sub

It's a bit sloppy in that it changes the "file open directory" without
warning the user, and of course, this change will stick until the next time
Word is restarted. However, this isn't much different from what Word does
natively - as you discovered when you said "it opens the last
directory/folder that used in Word".

Other methods are available, and there are ways to work around the
limitation of the above; e.g. recording the current "file open directory" in
a variable and resetting it afterwards. However, these methods might be a bit
more complicated and probably not worth the effort for a limited application.

Gordon Bentley-Mix
Word MVP

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"Steve" wrote:

I’m trying to write a macro that will do the same thing as File/Open but it
will open the “file listing dialog box” to a particular folder (e.g.,
z:\word) and then allow me to choose which file to open in that

When I record the macro, I get to the open dialog box for the desired
folder, but I’m unable to turnoff the recorder at the desired folder. I can
either cancel the recording or continue until I select a document. I would
like the macro to stop at the desired folder and allow the use to select the
document to open.

In doing some research, it seems that I need to write a VBA code to
accomplish the task. I have a very limited knowledge base when it comes to
writing code.

I did find the following code:

Sub OpenFolder()
End Sub

It does works; but it opens the last directory/folder that used in Word.

What additional code/lines do I need to include so it opens to the
directory/folder z:\word?

At this point, I’m not even sure if I’m asking the question correctly. Any
help or suggestions are appreciated.