Re: Finding a curly quote in Word

Yeah, sorry about that.

The general description of codes used in wildcard searches is at According to that page, ^nnn
should work as well as ^0nnn for characters in the ASCII range 0 to 255. But I
can confirm that ^147 doesn't find a curly quote while ^0147 does.

On Tue, 7 Oct 2008 19:18:01 -0700, jerem <jerem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Jay and Greg:

I modified the finds to be:

\(^0147*^0148\) this works for curly quotes with Wildcards on

\(^34*34\) this works for straight quotes with Wildcards on

Thanks fellas

"Jay Freedman" wrote:

On Tue, 7 Oct 2008 15:22:01 -0700, jerem <jerem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm trying to do a search (Ctrl F) and look for terms that appears like this:
("Contracts") however the quote that is cloaking the word Contracts is a
curly quote and when I type in the Find What Box \("*"\) (which is
generically asking to find anything cloaked in quotes and parentheses using
wildcards), it will not do the search because it is looking for straight
quotes. When I looked on the ASCII list, I found ^34 as the code for a
straight quote, but could not find the ASCII code for a curly quote. Anyone
out there know what that code is???

To get around this I end up having to search out a term, copy it into the
Find What Box, crop out everything within the quotes just so that I can get
that curly quote in there but this is a pain in the neck. Any help would be

Thanks in advance

The codes for curly double quotes are ^147 for the left quote and ^148 for the
right quote.

For future reference, ^34 will match both straight and curly quotes in an
ordinary non-wildcard Find, but you must use the specific codes for curly quotes
in a wildcard Find.

Jay Freedman
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