Re: UserForms - Templates and Documents

I was thinking that the Title could hold the some characters, even if
possibly not enough.

Charles Kenyon

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"David Sisson" <dsisson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> If the doc file is zipped and emailed to another user, the userform and
>> the line of code that shows the form is stripped
> Worked as designed.
>> Without forcing several hundred users to install add-ins or global
>> templates, is there a way to add the userform to the resulting doc file?
> Save the dot file as a doc file and distribute. I would password
> protect your code. But as Charles already stated, your end users will
> probably have macro security issues.
>> problem. The MsgBox function only allows 1024 characters in the prompt
>> string, and about 1200 are needed.
> The title property also has a 1024 limit, plus it gets trunicated after
> 76 characters.
> Create a userform with a label. Make the label as big as you need to
> hold your text.
> Another option would be to build a Windows help file and link it to the
> msgbox.