Re: how to completely remove table but leave data

As Tony says, you want to start with Table | Convert | Table to Text. But

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"J Mac" <jmaca@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have a .doc which was created from an excel mailing list. It
> is setup for labels and is in 3 columns (30 to a page). I want to
> export this to a text format I can then import into excel again. (I
> don't have the original excel document and I want to join this info
> with other similar info [names and addresses].
> I have looked all over and I can't figure out how to get rid of the
> table formatting but leave the data hopefully in a format that excel
> can easily import. Since is to remain essentially a mailing list, the
> info will change in the future as people move. I am fairly sure I use
> Data and Import in excel but I can't figure how to get the word document
> into a text delimited file.
> Any help???
> Thanks