Re: Accents (acentos) in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Acute accents are available directly from UK keyboards (AltGr+vowel) but, interestingly, not from Spanish ones; Spanish keyboards do, however, have an Ñ key.


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You don't actually need to assign keys to accent letters when typing in Spanish, French, etc., using Word. To type an accented letter, press Ctrl+accent followed by the letter you want accented. For example, to type á, press Ctrl ' followed by a. To type ñ, press Ctrl+Shift+~ (shift is needed since ~ is a shifted `), followed by the n. For è, press Ctrl+` followed by e, etc

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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Spanish Accents:

All persons and secretaries typing documents in spanish should use the
following settings for the accents (acentos) on the vocals á,é í ó,ú, and ñ,
both in small and capital letters. The info on how to do it is hidden inside
Word. Look for it and you will be amazed at what you were missing. Please
read the instructions I prepered both in english and spanish.
How to add Spanish Accents in Microsoft Word 2007

1.Click the logo at top left and select Word Options at bottom row.
2.Select Customize twice, first on the list at the left side, and then in
the next page at the bottom.
3.In Categories scroll and select Common Symbols at the very end.
4.Under Common Symbols, scroll and select the vocal with the accent that you
want (either capital or small characters).
5.Press the new shortcut key and type your own way for the vocals with
accent ( I recommend you use Alt + a vocal for all cases with small
characters and Alt + Shift + a vocal for all cases with large characters ).
6.Click the Assign for each addition.
7.Keep on adding acentos until you finish.

Cómo poner los acentos en Microsoft Word 2007

1.Seleccionar el logo en la parte superior izquierda.
2.Seleccionar Word Options abajo al final.
3.Seleccionar Customize en el listado de la izquierda y nuevamente en
Keyboard Shortcuts en la parte de debajo de la página.
4.En Customize Keyboard > Specify a Command > Categories, buscar y
seleccionar Custom Symbols en el final de la lista.
5.En la lista de Commands a la derecha, aparecen todos y cada una de las
vocales ya acentuadas, tanto mayúsculas como minúsculas. Selecciona la vocal
que desees, con su respectivo acento.
6.En Specify Keyboard Sequence > Current Keys, te aparecerá la misma
información que entres en Press New Shortcut Key. Debes descartar como buena
la que te ofrece Word 2007 y no la tomarás en consideración.
7.La nueva secuencia vocales acentuadas, minúsculas y mayúsculas, te
propongo que sea: Alt + vocal para las minúsculas y Alt + Shift + vocal para
las mayúsculas.
8.Tienes que entrar Assign para que se registre cada secuencia.

Efrain Morales