Useful example to explain headers and footers?

Any idea of a useful object lesson to explain how headers and footers

I am doing training for the administration team in our organization on
Monday and I know headers and footers can be very confusing (so
confusing that we often get documents from engineers with the request
to "fix the headers and footers" after they have given up on making
them behave after changing a few sections to landscape, back to
portrait, etc.)

We have Word 2003 SP2 in our organization
You start with Section 1. Give it a blank header and footer.
If you add a section break, you have a Section 2.
Go into Page Setup and check "Different page"
Under First Page Section 2 Header make "Header a" and Footer "Footer
Then put a new page in the document and go to header footer. Make it
Header "Header a" and Footer "Footer a" (WITHOUT taking off the Same
as Previous)

When they go back to the first page of the document (Section 1) and
see that it says "Header a" and "Footer a" They are very confused.
I'm trying to think of example to explain the different "Categories"
that a header and footer field can be filled by. And how Same as
Previous affects previous headers, but only within the same category.
Not just later ones. (There is a persistent thought somehow that what
you do on any section will only cascade through the rest of the
document. For example, if Section 2 is pages 2-11 of the document,
and you go in to page 6 and hit "View Header/Footer" -- they expect it
to only change pages 6 through the end of the document, not every page
in the section plus possibly previous and next sections as well
depending on how the various options are set.)


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