Re: Placing of page numbers on the page

Since the issue cannot be reproduced, it's reasonable to suspect some sort
of corruption in the affected document.

Try the following to get rid of the corruption: Delete all section breaks in
the document and then copy the contents, except for the final paragraph mark
(¶), into a new document. For more on corrupt documents, see

To show/hide paragraph marks as well as other nonprinting marks, press

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"Gordon Biggar" <colonel_biggs@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Excellent question (I should have thought of that). I created a new
document without columns, and the inserted page numbers appeared where
they are supposed to appear (upper right-hand corner). I then formatted
the blank document for two columns and inserted page numbers - correct
placement again. Obviously, there must be something unique to the
document with which I am working that will not permit the placing of page
numbers in the upper right-hand corner. I might try opening the header on
the first page with page numbers (page two), force a move to the right, to
see if that affects the subsequent pages.

Very strange.


"Stefan Blom" <StefanBlom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is strange. Can you reproduce it in a new, blank document (with or
without columns), or does it only happen in one particular document?

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

"Gordon Biggar" <colonel_biggs@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am using Office 2000 (still). When I go the route of Insert\Page
Numbers, and then select upper page\right, the page numbers print out in
the upper left-hand corner instead. I am using column text on the pages.
Might this have something to do with the placement? I know that I can
physically go into the headers and change the location, but why is Word
ignoring my request?

Gordon Biggar
Houston, Texas