Re: Underline not showing up

You can underline using spaces but the final space must be a hard space (Ctrl+Shift+Space). The best solution is to use a Tab Leader. Check out the Tab dialog and you can select various Leaders for this.


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"Terry Farrell" wrote:

> If you actually drew a line, then drawing objects do not appear in > Normal
> View, but should show up in Print Preview. If you used a real underline
> (from the format Font dialog), then it should show up in all views. If > it
> doesn't, check that you have the latest driver for your graphics card
> installed.
> -- > Terry Farrell - MS Word MVP
> "Legallisa - switching from WordPerfect"
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> >I have a table with text in one of the cells. I have a line of text > >on one
> > line, underlining on the next line to create a space between the > > third
> > line
> > of text, like so:
> >
> > Text
> > ________________
> >
> > Text
> >
> > The underlining doesn't show up in normal view, nor does it show up > > in
> > print
> > preview. It does, however, print. Why can't I see it in normal and > > print
> > preview? Should I use something other than underlining?
> >
> I used the shift key and the underline key (next to the number 0 on the > keyboard). It didn't show up in print preview or normal mode. To use > underline in format, font,would I use spaces to make the underlining > appear?

By the way, I'm using Word 2007. Is there a better way to make a signature


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