Re: How do I remove Mail-merge from my document?

Open the document, then,

In Word 2002 or 2003,

a. use Tools|Customize to enable the Mail Merge toolbar
b. click the first icon in that toolbar.
c. choose Normal Word Document and accept
d. save and close the document
e. if you want, use Tools|Customize to disable the Mail Merge toolbar

(You can also make this choice in the Mail Merge Wizard in the first step or

In Word 97 or 2000,

the Mail Merge toolbar should be enabled, so
a. click the Mail Merge Helper icon
b. click the Create button
c. select Restore to Normal Word Document
d. Close the Mail Merge Helper
e. save and close the document

Peter Jamieson

"Penimagic" <Penimagic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a Word document which used to be merged with an Excel spreadsheet. I
no longer need it to access the spreadsheet, and have deleted the Merge
Fields in the document, and closed the Toolbar. However, it still opens
and the Toolbar whenever I open the Word document.
How can I stop it doing that?