Re: merge fields alignment

I am not sure whether your reference to address block is to the AddressBlock
field or to an area of the document. If it is to the AddressBlock field,
don't use it. Rather insert the mergefields that you want in the
configuration that you want them.

If the TradingName field is blank, you will need to use an
If...then...Else... field construction to avoid the unwanted space

{ IF { MERGEFIELD "TradingName" } <> "" "{ MERGEFIELD "TradingName" } {
MERGEFIELD "OrganizationName" }" "{ MERGEFIELD "OrganizationName" } }

You must use Ctrl+F9 to insert each pair of field delimiters { } and Alt+F9
to toggle of their display.

Hope this helps.

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Doug Robbins - Word MVP

"Tanya" <Tanya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am having trouble aligning merged fields in the address block of main

"Trading Name" "Organisation Name" on the one line in the address block:

If the data record (from excel) does not have "Trading Name" info and is
blank - the row will not align/shift/move the "Organisation Name" to the
left margin. I have tried switches advance\l6 etc but just have overlap..
must be missing the basic.!

Any help appreciated (please be very basic in any instructions)