Re: How can I unlock a document I saved in Word document? I cant edit.

I assume you can not edit any Word document. If this is the case you either
have a trial version of Word and your trial period has expired or you have a
full version of Word and have not activated it. Help > Activate Product

If a trial version, you'll need to buy the full version.
Charles Kenyon

Word New User FAQ & Web Directory:

Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word (supplemented version of
Microsoft's Legal Users' Guide)

See also the MVP FAQ: which is awesome!
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"zookeeper" <zookeeper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> When I save a document and name it I save it in Word Document and close
> the
> document. When I return to that document again and try to do any editing
> or
> make additions/corrections I am told that The modification is not allowed
> because the document is locked. I am totally unable to get back into that
> particular document.
> Can anyone help me here. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to unlock
> all
> my saved documents in Word and Word Pad? Thanks.