Re: Mail Merge won't print

Well, the stuff you are seeing is the sort of PostScript code that would be
output when you print a file using the PostScript driver for the 5mp. I
don't have a 5mp here so cannot test this particular problem, but
a. do you always use the same printer name when printing to this printer?
(i.e. does the very same printer normally work OK?)
b. there are two different drivers for the 5mp - a non-PostScript one
called HP LaserJet 5MP and a PostScript one called HP LaserJet 5P/5MP
Postscript. If you have the other driver, try that as a workaround.
c. You could also try outputting your labels to a new document, then
printing that document (maybe you have already done that, but if so, try
opening that document, then checking Word Tools|Options|Compatibility
Options|"Print body text before header/footer" and printing a page or two.
All it does is to alter the sequence that Word outputs data to a PostScript
printer but maybe it will make a difference in this case.

Peter Jamieson

"Pam" <pam_staley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have Microsoft Word 2002 on XP pro and have not been able to 'print' a
> merged document of labels - I can open up a file and print - or choose new
> and type test on it and then print perfectly fine...but it just won't
> print
> the labels. I have a HP lazerjet 5mp . Every time I choose print on the
> labels, the printer goes to the error light - it ONCE printed a bunch of
> numbers straight across a page with a partial adress:
> 44 50 72 25 89 28 28 28 39 25 25 89 72 25 50 50 50 50 01xs 1113 2090 M
> (Denise
> and then on the 2nd page it printed:
> %% [Page: 41%%) -
> %%PageTrailer
> %%Trailer
> %%BoundingBox: 13 13 599 70
> %%DocumentNeededResources;
> %%+font Times-Roman
> %%DocumentSuppliedResources:
> %%+ procset Pscript-WinNT ErrorHandler 5.00
> %%+ procset Pscript_FatalError 5.0
> %%+ procset Pscript_WinBasic 5.00
> %%+ procset Pscript_Win_Utils_Ls 5.00
> %%+ procset Pscript_Text 5.00
> %%+ procset Pscript_Encoding256 5.00
> %%+ procset Pscript_Win_Euro_L2 5.00
> ehsave restore
> %%Pages: 4
> (%%[LastPage]%%) =
> %%EOF
> can anyone make any sense of the above or tell me how to get the labels to
> print??
> thanks!
> Pam


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