Re: Why is it no longer possible to paste PP shapes as MS Drawing

Hi Bob

Thanks for your answer, that's also what I found in the mean time: But to
me, it is just scandalous, because this is a feature we used every day in
Office 2003 and before, worked well, and is no longer there in Office 2007...
And we just need it! Inserting a whole pptx file object is really not a
workaround... Why does Popowerpont send the shape as "graphic object", and
not "drawing object" in the clipboard??? PowerPoint can work with both
format, so this would be a good solution for the interoperability with
So once again, I'm very disappointed and quite angry... My 250 scientist
will refuse to work with Word 2007, just because of that...
Thanks anyway for your answer...

"Bob Buckland ?:-)" wrote:

Hi Jacques,

The MS Office Art graphics engine (aka Escher 2) is new to MS Office 2007 and while fully implemented in Excel and Powerpoint is
only partially implemented in Word 2007 for backwards compatibility with the MS Office Drawing/Graphics engine (aka Escher) still
available in Word

MS Office Graphic objects are Escher2,
MS Office Drawing Objects are the older Escher.

You can use Insert=>Object to embed a PPTX file into the Word document to be able to edit it via Powerpoint.

Shapes from Word 2007 can be pasted into and worked on in Powerpoint 2007

<<"Jacques" <Jacques@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:BA7F9CAC-0F8F-41A1-B7B8-18065726A93A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a lot of PowerPoint 2007 slides, and I frequently need to copy some
graphics I did into Word 2007. I select the group of shapes or objects I need
to copy to Word and cpaste them on my Word 2007 Page. Unfortunately, the
object get pasted as "Microsoft Office Graphic Object" that have a very poor
quality and cannot longer be edited in Word as a native drowing object. Under
Paste Special, in the AS: box, the "Microsoft Office Drawing Object" format
is no longer available. This makes Copy and Paste from PowerPoint 2007 to
Word 2007 totaly useless if you need quality and "editability". The only way
is to paste the whole slide as "Microsoft Office PowerPoint Slide Object",
but this is a very bad workaround, because I ususally need just a part of the
slide. Under Office 2003, everything was working like a charm!
The craziest thing is that it works when pasting Word 2007 objects in
Powerpoint 2007!!! If you create a text box in Word 2007 and copy/paste it in
Powerpoint 2007, the obect remains a text box in Powerpoint! But in 99% of
the cases, you need that in the other direction: from PowerPoint to Word. Why
did Microsoft removed this essential interoperability feature???? Or am I
missing something??? >>

Bob Buckland ?:-)
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