Re: How do I span pictures across multiple pages?

I came across this while working on a project and not being able to create a
picture that spans more than one page in Word. Thank you very much Bob.
Switching to Excel was exactly what I was looking for, I just wasn't aware
that Word couldn't do that same thing.

"Bob Buckland ?:-)" wrote:

Hi Chagharu,

The limit for a graphic or object in Word is a single
printed page, unfortunately. It doesn't support
spanned grapics.

You can simulate the effect you want
by inserting the graphic in each page and cropping
each image so that the correct portion shows on each
page (you can do it a little more cleanly with using
Word's {REF} field), or you can use a graphic slicer /
dicer to create portions of the graphic to be inserted
These sites, amongh others, have graphics dicers available

Another approach might be to use Excel in this
case for your document. Excel does not have the
limitation of a graphic needing to be on one page.

>>"Chagharu" <Chagharu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E20B8C19-1755-4FD4-89E4-CB99F05103B8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In Word, when I try to add a long picture file, it resizes it to fit the
page. However I would like it to span multiple pages. When I drag the
picture to resize it, it cuts the bottom off at the bottom of the page. Is
there any way to continue the graphic onto the next page(s)? <<
Let us know if this helped you,

Bob Buckland ?:-)
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