Re: Paste Special, picture (enhanced metafile) Problem in Word 2003

For all intents & [practical] purposes the answer is No - Word isn't a
graphics editor & once you paste as picture the text is no longer text. The
conversion isn't something over which you have any control.

What you're trying to do needs to be done in a decent graphics app which
provides the tools to combine text & graphics effectively. Then save the
work as a PNG, JPEG (or other suitable format) - preferably at the correct
resolution & print dimensions - and use Word's Insert> Picture> From File
command (wording may vary depending on Word version which you didn't
mention) to add the graphic to your doc.
HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

"Roy Sprunger" <RoySprunger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Is there anything I can do to control the font & point size of my paste
special text?

Each time I select, copy & paste special, picture (enhanced metafile), the
font/point sizes change. The source is a combination of text and images.
want to paste them into another file as a single image. But when I do,
text changes point sizes.

I have tried changing the source font point size in anticipation, but Word
seems to ignore my settings.



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