Re: How do I use hyperlinks with smart art?

Hi Tara Lynn,

You can hyperlink a single graphic item, which in the case of an Office Smart Art (IGX) graphic or a Drawing Canvas is a 'cluster'
of items, but Word doesn't "see" the link inside of individual elements within a cluster graphic. If you save a file back to an
older version of Word (.doc for example) the cluster becomes a single object in those versions and the links probably would cease to
be available. The cluster also becomes a single graphic when you save as a web page for use in a browser.

To make a complete SmartArt graphic (or other Word graphic) a hyperlinked item, select the Frame of the Smart Art then use

There are ways to 'trick' Word into working the way you want. You can duplicate a shape or graphic from within the Smart Art by
copying it then using Home=>PasteV=Paste Special (and choose JPEG as an example) then carefully aligning it over the Smart Art. Or
you can use 'invisible' Shapes (Insert Shape) [set fill and line to 'no color'] and place those over the graphic and set the
invisible shapes to have a hyperlink (If you work in Powerpoint 2007 you can use the Action Button shapes to have your hyperlinks
work on mouseover if you create the web page from Powerpoint)

When doing this trying to keep the overlayed shapes in place can get a bit tricky (partly because they're hard to see) mainly
because the SmartArt graphic cluster type can't be grouped with a 'regular' graphic or shape.
You can make things a bit easier, as you're planning to use the document in a web form rather than .docx, by using Office
Button=>Save As and choosing .doc (97-2003 format) or .HTM [after first saving a master copy under a different name to .docx]. This
converts the SmartArt to a Word graphic.

Once you have a Word graphic, set Text wrapping to tight, or in front of text and you can then use Insert=>Shapes to create your
'overlay' graphics for your 'hot spots' for hyperlinks. Once you have created your hot spots you can group these overlay shapes to
the converted SmartArt so that things 'stay where you put em' and then use either the Web Page save or Preview to test. [I didn't
have time to check to see if Word 2007's blogging feature will preserve the links as well]

Hope this helps. May sound a bit confusing as I was trying to work on about 5 things at once <g>.

<<"TaraLynnMeyer" <TaraLynnMeyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I would like to use the individual objects within a smart art piece as
hyperlinks, then post the entire thing on my website? When I select an image
or text within the smart art the hyperlink button on my menu white's out.>>

Bob Buckland ?:-)
MS Office System Products MVP

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