Re: How do I draw a diagram that looks like a dartboard

Hi Keith,
My rotation was 22.5 per slice. (16 slices). Yours is 18... That is only 288
degrees. How did you figure the gap?

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

"Keith Howell" <KeithHowell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I decided my description was complicated so I have added 2 tutorial pages on
how to create accurate pie slices
and how to draw a dartboard

Hope it helps

"deedee" wrote:

I want to draw a diagram that looks like a dartboard where each segment can
be coloured in a different colour using microsoft office word 2003. I have
already drawn the 'dartboard' using decreasing sized circles with lines going
to the centre but as each segment is not a separate object I cannot select it
to fill in a colour. Using freeform shapes looks really messy.