Re: How do I draw a diagram that looks like a dartboard

Hi Deedee,

If you use Insert=>Diagram=>Target Diagram
will that meet the needs in this case?

If so you can use the 'Autoformat' button to color each of the segments, or right click on the diagram and turn off the 'use
Autoformat' choice and then use the Drawing Toolbar
(view=>Toolbars) fill choice to apply a different color to
each target ring.

<<"deedee" <deedee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0E5EF9EE-0CCB-47C1-8A68-88EE8ABB672C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I want to draw a diagram that looks like a dartboard where each segment can
be coloured in a different colour using microsoft office word 2003. I have
already drawn the 'dartboard' using decreasing sized circles with lines going
to the centre but as each segment is not a separate object I cannot select it
to fill in a colour. Using freeform shapes looks really messy. >>
Bob Buckland ?:-)
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