Re: Delete an endnote (footnote) separator in Word 2007

Can somebody please explain again how to remove the separator line at the top
of the End Note page?? Explanations below don't work for me.


"Dan Orth" wrote:

Works great! Thanks for posting that here!

"Nikky" wrote:

...but see this earlier post that answers perfectly!

Hi Nikky

Assuming you have one or more footnotes or end notes in the document, on the
View tab, choose Draft view (this is the view formerly known as Normal view;
what was Draft view has now gone). On the References tab, click Show Notes.
You'll now be in familiar territory.

Hope this helps.

Shauna Kelly. Microsoft MVP.

"Dan Orth" wrote:

Hi Patrick-
I actually used the "convert endnote to footnote" feature and now all the
endnotes along with the separator line is in the main body of the page and
not the footer however.

"Patrick Schmid [MVP]" wrote:

Double-click the footnote area if you are in the print layout view (the
Or use Insert tab, Header & Footer group, Footer, Edit Footer.

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"Dan Orth" <DanOrth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am trying to delete the endnote separator line in Word 2007 but cannot
figure out how to bring up the Footnote Pane, which looks to be the way to do
it in 2003. Can anyone tell me how I can remove the line in 2007? Thanks,