Re: APA style formatting with et. al.

Unfortunately, that's not possible to fix. One of the design decisions (flaws) in the citation engine is that each in-text citation gets formatted separately meaning it has no knowledge if the same source was cited before or not.

BibWord : Microsoft Word Citation and Bibliography styles

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Basically, MS Word doesn't really format in APA. I was very disapointed
about that. MS -- if you are reading, this needs to be corrected. After the
first citation of a source with 3 or more authors, the citation should say
"(Author et al., Date)." Please fix this. Or at least don't have the
program say that the paper is in APA format when it isn't.

"Magnus" wrote:


There are a few discussions about citation and using et. al. instead of
multiple authors. But I can not find a satisfying answer for my question. I
wonder if there is any way that with using APA style get citations to
automatically use et. al. instead of multiple authors.

I want to have the second and later citations to have et al if the authors
are more than three.