Re: How do I save multiple pages as pdf in one file?

You still have to make each Word file into a pdf before you can
combine them into a bigger pdf. You can't go directly from several
Word files to one pdf.

(Or you can combine your Word files into one Word file, and then make
the pdf.)

On May 20, 1:22 pm, "Carrie" <starch...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was away, and now back home and going to try a few things I have in mind.

I also realized how much I can learn just by reading on this group!

The more I learn, the more I realize how much I still have to learn.

I think my mistake with the files was saving each one as a separate file (in
one folder) and not just making a new page for each, at the time. When I
started it (putting on pictures and writing about them) I wasn't thinking
about saving them as a pdf ebook. I never thought about how it was done,
when there are more than one page to save as pdf.

  Actually, if I could get them into Photoshop CS2, and have the text look
good, I could use the "save as pdf presentation" program there. That is
probably doing it the hard way (getting them to look good, etc)

   I know it works better to bring images into Word. Insert.

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If the document files are all similar and based on the same template you
coould join them with the add-in that you can download from my
web site. If you want to compile sets of PDF files into a single PDF file,
you need the full version of Acrobat.

Though fraught with danger,
( and you
should never do it with your only copy of the documents, you could
probably create a Master Document from the Outline View. Insert all your
documents and create a PDF from that.

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Carrie wrote:
"Ben M. Schorr - MVP (OneNote)" <b...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
I'm not sure I understand the problem.  Do you have the PDF add-in
for Word installed?  Office Button | Save As...

When you save a Word document that is multiple pages long to an
Adobe PDF file it will save as a PDF file that is multiple pages
long. Surely there is more to your question than how to get Word to save
multi-page Word document as a multi-page PDF file?

I want to save multiple pages. For exampel, like if you have an ebook
and you open it, there's a cover page, index, and then page 1, 2, 3,
etc you can click on and move around in.

I had just gotten the Word plug in, after much google searching for
answers and downloading free programs to save as pdf, and it was late
last night when I asked here.

 When I went to bed, I was thinking, I need to put all my pages (that
are now saved as separate word documents/files) into one "long"
document and then save as the pdf. In Adobe Photoshop they have
"automate" you can pick files (graphics)  and save as a pdf
presentation, and they all are saved. When it opens you can click
over the pages like reading an ebook. But, using word documents with
Photoshop I'd have to have them saved as a graphic first, and that
doesn't work good.
  I was thinking of having all the separate documents I have saved (n
Word) come together in one pdf file. Like merge.  But, I think the
key is I have to set them up like this first before the pdf? I have
all separate files saved (I want  in the one pdf). Is there an easy
way to get them all into one file?  LIke one page after another. I'm
thinking I will have to open them and copy/paste them (the separate
pages) onto one file?
 I haven't had a chance to try this yet.

 Sorry if I wasn't clear, I can use Word and have learned most of the
basics, but I get easily confused. This is probably something very
simple, like you say, it will save all the pages that are part of the
file when I click "save as". My problem is, they are NOT all part of
the same file, but all saved as separate files (in one folder)

I figured it was something simple and obvious I was missing.

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"Carrie" <starch...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Say I want to make a booklet or ebook, and set it up in Word (2007)
and save it as one pdf document (that has several, or many pages in
it) I have a plugin for Word that saves as pdf.  But, I don't know
how to save
more than one page (in one main file). I'm thinking it might have
to do with mail merge, which I once learned a little about, doing

   I know Adobe Photoshop CS2 has a pdf setting to save as
which will put  many graphic files in one overall pdf file. But,
bringing pages from Word (with text) doesn't work good, the text
doesn't come out as
nice as it started out.

   I'm thinking there must be a way to do this. Not everyone has
Acrobat that saves pdf files. And these other programs must save
more than one pdf
file at a time (separate)

  I also have programs that work through the printer, Primo and
print2 pdf
(which I just downloaded). I have used Primo with Publisher, saving
a file
or files in this. But, again, I don't think text comes out as good
when copy/pasted or somehow brought into Publisher.

  I've been spending days trying to figure this out, maybe someone
could give me some simple directions, and I can see what I'm
missing? Thanks-