Re: toc - printing "Error! Bookmark not defined"

When you print, fields are updated; this includes the TOC field. Since it is
now divorced from the document it is based on, it can no longer update
properly. You can unlink the TOC before printing (Ctrl+Shift+F9) or you can
just lock it (Ctrl+F11).

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"Excel Lowest Value" <ExcelLowestValue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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I know have my TOC - book marks are moved - I have edit the TOC outside
my document.

When i view the TOC document in print view it looks good.

When I print it the message prints. Can I print the TOC and get the
Bookmark not defined" somehow
without recreating all the book marks??

Remember when i view the TOC doc. in print view it looks good with no
error messages

Thanks Russ