Re: Printing Alternate Pages

If this is a merged letter document then if the merge source document had a
different first page tray setting in page setup then that information should
be retained, but the printer will probably require you to send each letter
as a separate print job. Fellow MVP Doug Robbins has produced a macro for
this which you will find listed under the heading Split a merged document to
the printer with each 'letter' treated as a separate print task at

For other documents, the following macro should work. Note that the tray ID
numbers are printer specific. See
which explains how to establish the tray ID numbers for your printer -
replace the tray IDs in the following macro as necessary:

Sub TwoTrays()
Dim sTray As Integer
sTray = Options.DefaultTrayID
Dim sPage As Long
With ActiveDocument
Selection.EndKey wdStory
For i = 1 To Selection.Information(wdActiveEndPageNumber)
sPage = i Mod 2
If sPage = 1 Then
Options.DefaultTrayID = 261 'Set the odd page trayID number here
Options.DefaultTrayID = 260 'Set the even page trayID number
End If
ActiveDocument.PrintOut _
Range:=wdPrintRangeOfPages, _
Pages:=format(i), _
Next i
Options.DefaultTrayID = sTray
End With
End Sub

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Joe Perfiry wrote:
I have a large document (296 pages) and I want to print every other
page on to headed paper. So page 1 goes to one cassette page 2 to
another and this repeats etc. Is this possible and how?