Re: How can I display the urls to hyperlinks in printed documents only?

On 7 dec, 17:57, Kathy <kopu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am using Word 07 to create a list of online resources. The
hyperlinks worked as expected. When you Ctrl-click on the title of an
online website, it takes you to the website. As long as my document is
distributed electronically, this is fine. But now I want to print out
this document to distribute to a class. No one knows how to get to a
website on the list, because the urls don't show up. So how do I get
this document to print so that the url of the hyperlinked text prints
out immediately after the text? Example:

Google ( - easy to use search engine with lots of

Ideally the url would be in a slightly smaller font. It seems like
there should be a style or option to accomplish this, but I can't find

I don't think its directly possible, but something along the lines of
the following macro might work

Public Function ConvertHyperlinks()
Dim fld As Field

For Each fld In ActiveDocument.Fields
If fld.Type = wdFieldHyperlink Then
Selection.InsertAfter (" (" + Replace(Split(fld.Code.Text,
" ")(1), Chr(34), "") + ")")
End If

End Function