Re: How do I set up my own cover page template?

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I am trying to create a company branded cover page for our word documents.
How can I create a cover page template that can be used over and over again?
I have an image file for the background. I don't want people to be able to
change the size of the image or position, I just want them to be able to
adjust the name of the document.

Mmm, tricky... OK, this seems to work, but I haven't ever really used or tested
it thoroughly.

1. Create a RichText content control. Press ENTER in the control once so that
the control contains the paragraph marks. (This is important because we need to
protect the anchor point of the graphic)

2. Insert the graphic.

3. When you click on the graphic you should see an anchor in the left margin.
If you do not, go to Word Options/Display and activate "Object anchors". Drag
the anchor to one of the paragraph marks in the Content Control

4. Format the graphic (behind the text, for instance).

5. Click on the Content Control, then display the Properties. Activate both the
"Content Control cannot be deleted" and the "Content Control cannot be edited"
options. This should protect your graphic.

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update Jun 17 2005)

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