Re: Can you insert the Havard Style of Bibliography?

There is no Harvard style in Word by default. Almost two years ago
Microsoft hinted that one day they might possibly release a Harvard
style but up till now, the style is, just like the promised SDK,
nothing more than a rumor.

That aside, I did write a Harvard style based on the specification of
the Leeds university and made it available at
.. Except for year suffices (which I'm going to add when I have the
time), most things should be there.



On 17 okt, 18:06, grammatim <gramma...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you have Word2007, it's one of the preset styles. Note that in the
US there's no such thing as "Harvard style"; what Brits call "Harvard
style" doesn't refer to any specific scheme in detail. The one in
Word2007 is supposedly "Harvard-Leeds," but there does not seem to be
any definitive published statement of what "Harvard-Leeds" references
are supposed to look like (such as a guide from the University of

If you have any other version of Word, there was no bibliography tool.
You could buy one separately from another vendor.

On Oct 17, 10:39 am, kieran <kie...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How do you insert the Havard Style of referencing in word?


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