Re: Formatting Word 2007

1. You must be using a default style. MS in its wisdom decided that
paragraphs should always have a space after, which is ridiculous, so
you have to either create your own styles that look like you want
them, or modify the style that you're using.
I believe there's a way to get the 2003 styles to be your default set.

2. What are you doing to create the new paragraph for your title?
there's no reason a formatting change applied to it should affect
anything else, unless "Update Style" is chosen.

3. ?? What are you trying to use tabs for?

On Oct 12, 8:04 pm, TheSmartGuy
<TheSmart...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, I am new to word 2007, I just upgraded from 2003.

Anyways I've been having trouble with my documents. I was wondering how I
can change it so that when I push enter it goes down just one line, instead
of skipping a line. Also it doesn't let me align lines differently, for
example, if I type a page, then go back to the top and insert a title, when I
try to center the title, it centers everything on the page, and won't let me
just center the title. I have also been having trouble with the tab key,
sometimes when I tab it will move all the lines above over.

Is there some kind of basic operating mode where it doesn't have anything
special formatting? I have three problems that I have encountered so far:
1. Skips a line when pushing enter
2. Doesn't allow different alignments (sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt)
3. When tabbing multiple lines it will move all the lines over

Can I set it to how Word 2003 was somehow?

Any help appreciated.


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