RE: How do I remove read-only from a 2007 Word Doc?

STEPS : Note that this is only for the read only password protection of Word
files with Word XP or 2003. If the password is for the opening of the file,
this will not work.
1. Make a backup copy of the document. that way if it gets all corrupted
you still have the original you can read.
2. Change the document to view it in HTML code. You can do this by
pressing the ALT+SHIFT+F11 keys together
3. Hit the F3 key and search for the word "password" (without quotes)
o You should find something like this:
 <w:DocumentProtection>Read-only</w:DocumentProtection>
 <w:UnprotectPassword>1602952A</w:UnprotectPassword>
4. Delete these two lines
5. Save the document
6. Close the HTML editor and the word document
7. When you next open the document the password should be off. if not you
have one more step.
8. Go to Tools –> Unprotect Document
There you have it. If you have any questions, let me know. Good luck

"MarciaPhx" wrote:

Office 2007 Word is new to me. Why is everything I do marked as read-only?
How do I remove it? (note: I did a save as on most of them as Word 97 so that
I could fwd the file to others.