Re: Saving a document from a template into same location

I make my own templates and save them as Dotx files. I place these into relevent folders rather than Office's default templates folder. I was hoping that opening my template would save it into the same folder it came from. Is there a way to do this?

"Graham Mayor" <gmayor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uC7L7$M4HHA.1204@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It is neither normal nor desirable to save documents into the template folder. Why do you want to do this?
Nor is it usual to open templates and save as document. The normal procedure is to create a new document from a template.
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nLinked wrote:
If I have made a template in Word 2007 (.dotx), and I open it, edit
it and save it as a document (.docx), I want it to show the Save As
dialogue pointing in the same location as that template was in. By
default, the Save As window shows the default saving folder (which is
set as my Documents folder). Is there a way so that it opens the Save
As window on the same place that the template was in, even if I have
templates in different locations?