Re: Can't Paste in Microsoft Word 2003

What are you copying from? When pasting, try using Edit | Paste Special | Paste as: Unformatted text.

Athena28 wrote:

I'm trying to copy text and then paste it into an existing doc. in Word 2003. It keeps shutting down & saying it needs to retrieve the doc. I've tried deleting the files 'normal.doc' and then reopening Word but nothing has changed. I tried shutting off Norton and that didn't help. This has gone on for several weeks.
Tried 'Detect & Repair" and now can paste once in a while. I copy text & try to paste it and the screen freezes up. It turns into a white blank page with just the name of the doc. and Microsoft Word up on top on the blue line. Other times it works after several minutes but I still see the blank white page etc. until it finishes.

I even said "yes" when Microsoft asked if a report should be sent. It then directed me to an area to d/l updates that Microsoft said should help the problem. I d/l the critical updates but they've done nothing to change the problem. I still find it almost impossible to paste blocks of text (large or small).
I wonder if it's a good idea to install the Microsoft Works Suite 2002 I have from my old computer. I still have the CDs and since I've heard this can be a real problem with Microsoft Word 2003 maybe it'll make it easier for me if I don't have to deal with Microsoft Word 2003 at all? Is this an acceptable solution and/or do I have to uninstall Microsoft Word 2003 if I do this?
Thank you.
P.S. This is a pretty new computer.


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