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Wow - I will give those all a try - this is testing my WORD skills in areas I
have never gone before. Thanks for the info and the links to your website. I
will find the information helpful. dgk

"Doug Robbins - Word MVP" wrote:

See the article "Sequentially numbering multiple copies of single document
using a macro" at:


See the article "Sequentially numbering multiple copies of single document
using a mailmerge" at:


See the article "Creating sequentially numbered documents (such as
invoices)" at:

Hope this helps.

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"dgk" <dgk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I tried the Autotext and it worked except it prints the (Q#). How do I
aleviate the brackets and Q. Also do I have to do this 100 times for 100

"dgk" wrote:

Thank you I will give that a try :)

"Pop`" wrote:

dgk wrote:
I am trying to figure out how to use this template: How
do I make 100 tickets and have the numbers automatically update?

Huh! Good question! I expected to see a macro in the template, or at
some way to keep the numbering going for successive pages. It looks to
like someone "forgot" something. There's a Black & White version of
one too, with the same problem.

I've lost the source for where I got this, but here's a short blurb on
creating sequential numbers if it helps any.
Make an AutoText entry as follows: In the body of any document, type
brackets and the letter Q as regular text. Between the Q and the
bracket, insert a Sequence field, which supplies the number. Now select
whole thing and press Alt+F3 and assign a name to the AutoText entry
you wouldn't ordinarily use as a word, such as "qtag".

Each time you type that name in text, you'll see a yellow tooltip that
"Press Enter to insert". Actually, you can press Enter, Tab, or F3, as
of them will insert the AutoText entry.

If you insert new entries between existing ones, those that follow it
update automatically. You'll have to press Ctrl+A to select the whole
document and then press F9 to update the fields. (Alternatively, switch
Print Preview and back.)