Re: How do I make a repeating watermark?

You can go to View>Header and Footer, create as many copies of a text box
containing the word "Confidential" as you want, formatted as you wish and
positioned wherever you like (as long as they are not set for In Line with
Text - preferably use Behind Text text wrapping). They can't, however, be
rotated to read diagonally the way the standard watermark is.

If you want something more elaborate, create a file in a graphics program,
save it as a jpeg or png, then use the Printed Watermark feature to specify
that file as a picture rather than the Text watermark option.

HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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I want to set up a letter with "CONFIDENTIAL" as the watermark, but I want it
to repeat across the entire page, not the single instance that MS Word