Re: HOw to decrypt a word doc

Did you try using the "Recover Text from Any File" setting? If that did not
work then the file is corrupted.

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"Yasser Shahzad Qureshi" <YasserShahzadQureshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Well what you are saying is to head to the File menu then click on Open
after that a small window opensup, allowing me to choose the file I want
I can select the type of the document which I want to open on word, right?
Now when if I select any option there, Rich Text Format, Web Pages, etc
I will be only able to open that kind of document,

But the file I have is in a .doc format. I saw the properties of the file
and it was written that the file was a .doc file.and thats for sure.

So I guess doing that dosen't solves my problem, I am Damn sure about the
file that its a doc file, or in other sence you can say that there is some
text written in the file, but it is encrypted,not by password, but by
symbols. I can only see different sortta symbols like ^$-_ etc. . . I
told you that I have tried to save the file in different formats, using
As option, in the File Menu. So that may be it could solve my problem, as
I open the newly saved file, and get the text before me, but all was in

So now I guess you may tell me some other way to view the file, I shall be
VERY VERY GREATFUL to you, coz its really imp.

"Jezebel" wrote:

Display the File > Open dialog. Below the Filename box is a dropdown
the caption "Files of Type". Try opening your file with different
options in
that dropdown, including, as a last resort, "Recover text from any

"Yasser Shahzad Qureshi" <Yasser Shahzad
wrote in message

"Jezebel" wrote:

Check what's showing in the 'Files of type' drop down on the File >
dialog. What you're seeing is what you get if you open a file using
wrong format. If all else fails, try the 'Recover text from any

Sorry man I couldn't get ur point what you want me to do, I point to
menu > Open menu> Than what ????

and what did you ment by " If all else fails, try the 'Recover text
document ", how can I recover text from any document. . .

If you allow me I can send you the file I have you can have a look at
sort out any way to properly view the file. Are you ok with that ??

"Yasser Shahzad Qureshi" <Yasser Shahzad
wrote in message
I have a word file, when I open that file there are symbols
written, I
the txt is encrypted or what... But I want to view the text, so
me how can I view the txt.....I tried to select all the text and
font but nothing happened, then I tried to save the file using Save
option, in different formats, but nothing happened even... So if
any way to view the file's contents, plese tell me ......


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