Re: Shortcut key for Section Break (next Page)

You can do this without a macro.

Tools > Customize
Click on Keyboard
Select Insert from the categories list on the left
Then scroll down the commands list on the right and Select
Put the cursor in "press new shortcut" box
Press your desired key combination
Click on Assign
Click on Close, and Close again


"Graham Mayor" <gmayor@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The InsertBreak command which pops up the dialog box is not assigned to a
keyboard shortcut, though you can assign it to one.
If you want to insert a SectionBreak next page by a single keystroke, you
need a macro assigned to a keyboard shortcut.
The macro should contain the line
Selection.InsertBreak Type:=wdSectionBreakNextPage


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FotoArt wrote:
hello everyone

I couldnt find the shortcut key for Section Break(next Page) command.
Is there such a key or could I assign one.
Or whats the short cut key for the breaks popup box.

any help would be appreciated.