Re: How to I lock a template for modification only?

You can't do this unless macros are enabled. The user can always disable

What I do in some of my Add-Ins (that would never be used to create a new
document) is have an AutoNew macro that opens the template and closes the
new document without saving. You could do an AutoOpen macro that (1) tests
to see if the ActiveDocument is a template or a document, and (2) if a
template, creates a new document based on the template and closes the
template. You could have it first ask for a password and if the password
were typed in, just leave the template open. The password could be hard
coded or could be a document variable. This is not secure, at all, but would
keep someone from accidentally opening and changing your template. You can
also store the template as read-only (at the operating system level, not
using Word's read-only setting).

I would, instead, or in addition, train users to use File>New to access
templates, or create a templates menu for the standard templates.
Charles Kenyon

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See also the MVP FAQ: which is awesome!
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"PegSCK" <PegSCK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I want to lock the template so that if someone opens it from Word, i.e. it
opens as a .dot document, they would be required to enter a password. But
they double-click on the template, it should just open a new document
requiring a password.