Re: make word file smaller to e-mail

First off, I should have asked if it must remain an editable .DOC file. IF
it must, then it probably should be built in such a way that the picture
files are not embedded in the file (set as links) and have the picture files
sent separately as bandwidth provides. Save the doccument as several
individual parts. Or a ZIP program can be used and finger crossed that the
new file will be small enough.

If it doesn’t need to arrive as an editable .DOC, I'll go with a PDF.

When a document contains many picture files that are not optimized for
print, web view or transmitting (even if they are compressed .jpg type files)
Acrobat can generate a PDF that will be smaller, always. This is because
when the PDF is created, the user can decide on what level of quality
(compression and resolution) to have as a final product. Different graphic
types can be handled differently within the same document.

Using a lossless compression program like PKZIP just adds complexity,
recipient will now need to have a ZIP program to decompress or if it is a
self decompressing file...not advisable. The file will not be immediately
viewable and the .zip file extension is blocked by Outlook. Now files must
be renamed.

I guess the important question is: What must the distributed document’s
quality be and how large of a file can be sent? The PDF solution allows the
user to decide this whereas the ZIP solutions yield only a single new file
size. What to do if this is still to large, only large uncompressed picture
files will yield any meaningful results with ZIP. Most common picture files
of types like .jpg are already compressed.

I don't know if fonts are embedded in the .DOC file type? If not, more pain.

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:

> Rarely is a PDF smaller than a Word doc, though, I suspect.
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> > You may also wish to investigate Adobe Acrobat. You would need the
> Acrobat
> > Creator, not the free reader. Once installed it is as easy as selecting
> > Acrobat as the "printer" to create easy optimized documents for
> distribution
> > on the web.
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> > "Tammy" wrote:
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> > > I have to email a file from word with lots of pictures and The file I
> did is
> > > to big to email how do I make it smaller to email