Re: How to have NO page numbers in one section of a document?

Sorry, but it doesn't work. My cursor was in the second section, I followed
all of the steps given in the URL below, but I still ended up with a page
number in the first section... :( Please Help

"garfield-n-odie" wrote:

> See
> , except that you want skip the part about inserting a page
> number in section 1 (the "front matter" section).
> Sam wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I need to not have any page numbers at the start of my document, and to have
> > page numbers at a certain point in my document. However, when I insert a
> > page break, and then insert page numbers, page numbers are being inserted in
> > Both sections of my document. What can I do?
> >
> > Thank you!