Re: Select encoding to make your document readable.

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> I have a large amount of documents stored on my hardrive, occassionally when
> I go to open some of these documents I am presented with the following
> dialogue box 'select the encoding that makes your document readable'.
> However, there is no encoding available that makes the document readable and
> so the document is lost.
> Can you please help, I have spent hours trawling the WWW and the Word
> Knowledge Base but cannot find any suggestion of 1) why the problem occurs in
> the first place or 2) how to rectyfy the problem when it occurs...
Apparently, the internal structures of the documents have been damaged, so that
Word is no longer recognizing them. Are you able to open them by choosing
"Recover text from any document" in the File type list in the File Open dialog

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update Jun 8 2004)

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