Re: How do I Convert Windows 98 word and Excel documents to microsoft.

From: Graham Mayor (
Date: 02/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 07:18:37 -0000

As you have discovered, while Works 7 will open Word documents, it will not
translate the more complex aspects of the document. Much the same applies to
the Works spreadsheet. While both are adequate for most home tasks, if you
need greater complexity you will need Office. If your employer expects you
to work on these documents at home, it seems reasonable he should pay for
the software to allow you to do so.

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98Misery wrote:
> I have recently purchased a new computer. This is my first computer
> and it is a Insignia D400A from best buy.
> This computer comes with XP Home edition. In the paper work came a
> certificate of authenticity for Microsoft Works 7.0.
> I have a computer at my office and it runs off of Windows 98. I have
> several documents,folders, and files that I have copied to a cd-rw.
> Luckily I have done this because my computer at the office crashed,
> but the documents cannot be read on my home pc.
> I have right clicked the file or doc. and tried opening with
> Microsoft Works Word Processor, but every thing comes out different
> than the doc. was originally designed or typed.
> The same thing for my excel documents, When I open them with
> Microsoft Works Spreadsheet some of the data is cut out or missing.
> Is there any way to fix this problem without having to purchase Word
> and Excel software?
> If so how?