Re: Bullets & Numbering in documents - Need help

From: Stefan Blom (
Date: 01/24/05

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 09:53:21 +0100

You have to increase the distance between the number and the text of
the paragraph so that numbers with too or more digits fit, without
pushing the text to the following (default) tab stop.

If numbering was not applied with paragraph styles, put the cursor in
the first numbered item, choose Format>Bullets and Numbering, click
Customize, specify the desired amount for "Text position", and then
click OK.

If you have applied numbering with paragraph styles (which is the
recommended method), simply access the Bullets and Numbering dialog
box from the Modify Style dialog box, and then proceed as above.

For a description of the options for "Text position" and "Number
position", please see:

Stefan Blom
"PK" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am trying to create references list for a document that I am
writing, when
> I create the list using bullets and numbering after 9 in the list it
> providing space which I am not able to avoid or remove or do
anything with
> it.
> It looks the following:
> [1]. Ajhda
> [2]. Fashfda
> [3]. 'fhdsa;fsaj'fsahdfas
> [4]. Fashdf;jsa
> [5]. Dahfdsa
> [6]. Fahgfsa
> [7]. Fhsaf
> [8]. Safh;saf
> [9]. Safhsa
> [10].            Fasghsa'gashgsa
> [11].            Gah
> I want all of them to be in the same way in the order but it is not
> happenning. Could somebody suggest a solution for this problem
> Thanks in advance.
> PK