Re: Document.SaveAs ... Format:=WDformatHTML

Thanks Bob tried both and they both worked. Funny tho, I tried the
edformatfilteredHTML earlier and (I thought) the centre format was lost.
Works fine now.


"Bob Buckland ?:-)" wrote:

> Hi Ron,
> You can supress the folder by changing the supporting
> file folders choice in Tools=>Options=>General=>Web Options.
> The .xml file will be created unless you're using the
> File=>Save as Web Page-Filtered file type. The xml file
> is used by Word in Word Web documents to track the locations
> and names of files it uses to poplulate the HTML file.
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> <<"Ron" <Ron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:347C67A9-BCF1-4F63-8594-6A081C18B76F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Poorly Described, I'll try again
> In Word 2003, when saving a document (ei foobar.doc) using a macro, a
> 'foobar_File' folder is also created with two files (header.htm and
> foobar.xml). How can I suppress the creation of this folder and its files.
> Thanks again...Ron >>
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> Let us know if this helped you,
> Bob Buckland ?:-)
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