Re: Word 2007 Not Responding & Not opening documents

The fact it is not 'seeing' docxs on the Desktop suggests that this may also be a third party add-in that is incompatible with Office 2007. Try testing Word in Safe Mode. From Start, Run (Winkey+R), type in

winword /a

and press enter. Test Word for a while and see if that has stopped the Not Responding problem. If it is now stable (in Safe Mode), check for add-ins.

See how to find add-ins


"David B" <DavidB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:561A1CDF-CDF2-46ED-B753-F09B9BD00123@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Terry,

I did what you suggested with the printer and the problem still persists.
This is really frustrating. Maybe I should go back to buying a Mac. When I
buy software, I expect it to work. I know it's not your fault; I'm just
venting my frustration at this Windows garbage.

David B

"Terry Farrell" wrote:

But probably the wireless link is causing the problems. Test this by
installing the printer to the laptop as a local USB printer (note that once
installed, Word should work properly but you do not need to keep the printer
connected or switched on). Although I have had no opportunity to actually
test the real cause of the problem, but my guess is that either Word or
Vista cannot handle a printer shared wirelessly. I find it baffling because
Word only needs to see the local printer driver, not the printer, so the
exact problem is a bit of a mystery.


"David B" <DavidB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Terry Farrell" wrote:
>> Have you installed a local printer driver and set it as the windows
>> default.
>> It isn't a wireless printer is it?
>> -- >> Terry Farrell - MSWord MVP
>> "David B" <David B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:366F037D-2B7B-47D9-83A3-A269BD5D5A47@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >I just installed Office Home & Student 2007 on my Sony Vaio Laptop, >> >and
>> >Word
>> > just stops responding for no reason. Also, when I try to open
>> > documents
>> > I've
>> > saved on my desktop, I get the error message "Windows cannot find" >> > the
>> > file I
>> > just clicked on to open. I would really appreciate any suggestions >> > on
>> > how
>> > to
>> > fix these problems.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> >
>> > David B
>> Yes, I have a Cannon printer driver for my Pixma 830 installed on my
>> wireless laptop where I'm having the problem with Word 2007. The >> printer
>> is physically connected to my desktop computer which is not having
>> problems with Word 2007.
> David B