Re: A3 Paper Size Unavailable in Word 2007

That's the way Word works. It must have a printer driver locally installed to work properly. I recommend that you install a real printer drivers as CutePDF is a pseudo printer.


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That you for your response Terry. The work I was trying to do previusly was
using on laptop with no printers installed. I have since installed CutePDF
printer and now I can see the A3 paper option.

However, this does not explain why Microsoft did'nt think this important to
include in the Help, or in any of thier online help resources. I have been
searching the Internet for days trying to find a solution to this. I
recommend Microsoft update their online help to let people know about this.
After all, it has a simple solution, and had I known about it, I would not
have had all the bother, or indeed bothered kind helpful people like you into
answering it for me!

Again, thanks.

"Terry Farrell" wrote:

The available paper size is down to the printer driver. If you don't have an
A3 printer installed and selected as default, then A3 will not be in the
paper list.

Terry Farrell - MS Word MVP

"Adam_N" <Adam_N@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> In my new version of Word 2007, which I purchased with the Office > Ulimate
> package, I am unable to select the standard A3 paper size which has > always
> been available in Word 97-2003. It is not in the "Size" drop down list > on
> the "Page Layout" tab, nor available in the "More Paper Sizes..." > dialog
> box.
> Where the hell is this ordinary option? I just want A3 paper! I have
> obviously been able to work around this by difining a custom size, but
> this
> is really annoying, and seems to mess up my print settings and print
> preview
> won't work properly either, showing only the middle of the page.
> Has anyone any suggestions? Has anyone else encountered this problem?