Re: Word 2007 has stopped working on Vista Home Premium

Thanks. I did another advanced search for "everywhere" but again no such file was found.

When I went to the folder you identified, I see normal.dotm but not normal dotx

BTW, I don't know if this is a coincidence, but when opening a file with Ms Explorer than than start/computer, Word seems less likely to crash. I probably earlier said it was worse when I tried to open a file first than using the shortcut icon on the desktop, but should have clarified that I normally use start/computer rather than than windows/e (Windows Explorer) to open these files. I have only tried windows/e a few times since noticing this trend and so far
Word has not crashed.

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You need to search for normal.dotm and you need to check search hidden files and folders and non-indexed files option.

It is usually located in your user roaming profile in Vista. By default that would be C:\User\username\appdata\roaming\microsoft\templates


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Thank you. Unfortunately, I still cannot find nrmal.dtx I thought I changed the settings were no files would be hidden including system files but maybe I failed to do so. At the moment, I don't remember how to do this.

I should also say that when I spoke of Word working in safe mode, I know that the tech and I opened 15 files once Word was open and that we opened Word from the icon and by first clicking on a file, but I don't think we did several runs at trying to open file by clicking on a file.

Anyway, I would like to look at the normal.dtx file it you would tell me where to find it.

In terms of HP, I called them and was told the only driver available now is the one that comes with Vista. I was asking about some features missing from the driver when the printer was on an Xp machine and they told me to sign up for notification of release of this new driver. So yes I have the latest driver as far as I know. I got another email from them two days ago and I double checked the message and link and do not see any new drive for an HP Officejet 7410 All in One.

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The equivalent to is normal.dotx in Word 2007. Make sure that you have the latest driver downloaded from HP for your printer as that is one of the causes of problems in Vista/Word2007.

To find anything in Vista, use its very powerful search. Click on the start logo and the Start Menu pops up with the cursor already in the Search dialog. Just type Start and it should pop up almost immediately. You can do this for ANYTHING on your computer, not just applications or folders but emails, contacts, whatever... (including normal.dotm, of course).

Terry Farrell - MS Word MVP

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Thanks for taking time to help.

I had seen this document from a link in an earlier thread here. I am having trouble making the translation from Xp to Vista. For example, when I search the c drive of my pc, I get 128 normal.dotms but not a simple normal dot. Has this been replaced by normal.ela?

I have run the firewall (NIS 2007) enabled and disabled. I have checked and unchecked the box that runs Norton anti-virus for Word documents.

Word does not crash every time it is opened. When I click the desktop icon, it is less than 50% crashes. When I first click on a file, it may be over 50% crashes. This morning it worked perfect until about 2 hours of use and now I'm back to where I started.

I know how to work around these things, but I will be traveling for two weeks and my spouse who teaches school would not have a clue what to do and I find it hard to help by telephone. It would be nice to do a remote operation of the pc, but I don't know enough about all the security issues involved.

I don't have a network printer. My HP 7410 All-in-One is connected by a USB cable.

I don't know how to find the startup folder in Vista.

There are a web add=ons like Adobe Acrobat creating pdfs, but I am most suspicious that the normal file has been corrupted. Any change you can tell me where to find that in Office 2007 Suite running on Vista?

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The key statement is "running in safe mode and finding that it works
okay that way". When you run in safe mode, or if you launch Word from
a command prompt with the /a switch, Word doesn't load the default
template (Normal.dotm) or any add-ins from the Startup folder. It's
99.9% certain that the cause of the crashes is a corrupted or faulty
template or add-in.

Use the procedures at to figure
out which template or add-in is the culprit. Be aware that the article
was written for Word 2003 and earlier running on Windows XP or
earlier, so a few names are different -- you'll have Normal.dotm
instead of, and the path to the Templates and Startup
folders are different in Vista than in XP.

Jay Freedman
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On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:48:13 -0600, "Ako" <ako@utopia> wrote:

For the better part of a month, I have been trying to solve a sync problem
between my Smartphone (Cingular 3125) and my new pc (Dell XPS 410) that came
with Vista Home Premium. It worked (i.e. that is sync) the first day or so
and then never again until last night when Word 2007 (Office Standard 2007
Suite) was crashing so much that I did a repair from the control panel.
Suddenly I could sync again and then Word was working properly.

I returned home from the office today and I can still sync but Word is back
to where it has been for at least a week. I spent 3 hours on the phone with
Ms tech today and did look at the threads here but did not see this exact

For maybe 10 days, when I click on the shortcut icon on the desk there are
several times that Word will crash. If I tried to open a Word file, the
percentage of crashes goes up. The error messages are like this. First there
is a flash that says "Ms Word has stopped working" then the green bar with
the message working or checking for a solution. Then in a flash I see
another windows that says "Ms Office Trying to Recover".

That disappears quickly then a window remains with this message:
"Ms Word has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working
correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is
available." When I close this window, there is never a web page with any

Among those I talked to today, there was talk about Word, Outlook, Vista,
about uninstall and reinstalling everything, about conflicts with some of my
office software (esp Adobe products), suspicion about my firewall (NIS 2007)
which I often disable when testing out these issues, running in safe mode
and finding that it works okay that way, disabling everything in msconfig
but still several crashes.

Can anyone help me? I can't take another marathon phone call with tech
support passing me from one to anther and talking about schemes that would
virtually wipe away all my work of configuring this machine. I personally
wonder about some of the Windows updates since Word was fine until about 10
days ago and I think I was well past loading new software at that point.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jay Freedman
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