Re: PDF files open in garbled text and symbols

In Windows Explorer, return to the Tools > Folder Options dialog.
Click the File Types tab. Select PDF from the list of extensions. In
the lower half of the dialog, under "Details for 'PDF' extension",
click the Change button. This opens another dialog.

In this second dialog, if you see Adobe Reader 7.0 in the list (it
should be under "Recommended Programs" but you might have to scroll
down into the "Other Programs" list), click it. If you don't see it in
the list, click the Browse button and find the Adobe Reader program --
probably C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe,
unless you chose to install it somewhere else (or maybe it isn't
really installed properly even though you believe you reinstalled it).

Make sure the box is checked for "Always use the selected program to
open this kind of file" and click OK in each dialog.

Jay Freedman
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On Sun, 12 Nov 2006 15:54:02 -0800, Lon Axelrod
<LonAxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That last response did'nt help so let me restate the problem. When I attempt
to open a pdf attachment from my e-mail, the box that opens is all numbers,
letters and symbols. No matter what selection I make from the 3 choices,
MS-DOS, Wnidows (Default) or "other encoding" the same thing happens. I
uninstalled Abobe and reinsalled Adobe 7.0.8 and still have the same problem.
I have to right-click the attachment and save it to MY DOCUMENTS the
right-click to "Open with Adobe". At that juncture it opens normally.

Somehow, I must have messed-up the file association and can't get it back to
where it was. I got some info from Microsoft on "How to change file
associations in Windows XP but when I follow their instructions by going to
TOOLS, FOLDER OPTIONS, VIEW and clear the "Hide extensions files for known
file types" and click "Open with" the Adobe program is not listed. Any other

"Herb Tyson [MVP]" wrote:

Try this... right click a PDF file in Windows Explorer and choose
Properties. In the General tab, next to Opens With, click Change. The Adobe
Acrobat reader should be listed under Recommended Programs, or at the very
least under Other Programs.

Herb Tyson MS MVP
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"Herb Tyson [MVP]" <herb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
So, let me get this straight. You receive a .pdf attachment in an email.
You save it as a .pdf file to your hard drive. Then, you open Acrobat and
try to open that file, and you get some kind of error message?

The problem isn't related to Microsoft Word, so I think you should
probably try an Adobe support newsgroup.

If you're trying to open the .pdf file using Word, then, as Suzanne
indicated, Word does not have a converter for opening .pdf files. Garbled
text and symbols are exactly what you would expect.

Herb Tyson MS MVP
Please respond in the newsgroups so everyone can follow along.
"Lon Axelrod" <LonAxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well. as a puter illiterate, I opened my Acrobat 7.0 reader but still
not read the attachments. Any other suggestions?

"Lon Axelrod" wrote:

I can't seem to get the correct language when I open my PDF files that
attachments to my e-mails. The text is garbled with numbers, symbols and
letters. I have set the defaults properly but it still happens no
what language I elect.


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