Re: MS Word "Mark-up" won't go away!

You have to realize that hiding the markup is not the same as getting rid of
it. You must turn Track Changes off and then Accept All Changes in Document
and Delete All Comments in Document. If you want to keep a marked-up copy,
then accept changes and delete comments in a copy of the document.

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"doncalarco" <doncalarco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Dian D. Chapman, MVP" wrote:
> > Check your settings under Tools > Options > Security. There are a few
> > options related to Track Changes and Markup...including one to open in
> > Markup mode.
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> > On Fri, 29 Apr 2005 17:11:02 -0700, "doncalarco"
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> > >I sent a word document to a co-worker and she edited it, but now, when
I try
> > >to send a "clean copy to someone, it always arrives in "Mark-up" mode.
> > >do I permanently remove the "Mark-up notes and get a clean document.
> >
> > That seems to work for me, when I open the document, but when I "send"
it to someone, it opens on their computer with all the mark-up. I am
sending contracts to clients, and I want it to go "clean". How do I
eliminat6e the Mark-up completely?