OEMGetRealTime and SoftRTC flag

Hi all,

according to the following link:


if I set the following entry in the registry:

"SoftRTC" = dword:1

The clock will run in software mode. So, AFAK, that means that the
OEMGetRealTime function will be called only in the cases named in the
following thread:


In my OEMGetRealTime function I call the HW RTC, but after setting the
registry flag, I see that this function is still called about every
500 ms. That means, that somehow the registry entry is ignored and the
system time uses the HW clock.

Do I need to do anything additional to activate the SW clock?

Of course, I alredy checked that the entry is already in the registry
and a rebooted the board after the modifications.

Thanks in advances for your help.