RE: ActiveSync over USB Question

In later releases I have seen problems with Active Sync connecting when a USB
cable is attached while the device is booting. This is usually caused by boot
ordering problems. If you are seeing this make sure your USB driver loads
after RNDIS components

You can also try changing the USB protocol from RNDIS to Serial as a
workaround. It should be in connection settings, or you can update it in the

Additionally there are USB tests you can run if you have access to another
CE device with USB Host capability.

Hope that helps
Wes B [MSFT]

"Joe Welfeld" wrote:

Hi All,

Running Wince 5.0 and active sync via usb client. For the most part the
connection seems to work fine, but we occasionally get into a situation
where activesync wont connect. If I look at USB device on my PC the device
always enumerates but sometimes the activesync icon on the pc spins and
spins and eventually times out and cant establish connection. It usually
will recover by pulling the USB connection and plugging it in but not
always. Looking at a USB tracker it appears to be PPP data over a com port
over USB, I think the USB client driver is working OK but something in
one of the upper layers is not working? On the tracker I see what I believe
are PPP packets (I have not tried to decode them to see what the error
might be, seems like a long a tedious task) i was looking around for
active sync source code but I'm guessing it's not here ? I would like to
debug at the highest layer I can and I am looking for some suggestions and
an understanding on the device driver layering for this up to the


Joe W.